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DID YOU KNOW...​​​​​​​​​​
Housing experts recommend saving  1 – 3% of your homes market value each year for preventative maintenance.

Our preventative maintenance plans are designed to minimize the costly effects of damage resulting from unseen problems and are designed to meet the needs of busy homeowners and those who are less able to access some of the key locations within a home where problems often occur.  This program provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that your small problems will not turn into larger ones.

Annual Visit Package - $349
This package includes a single visit that will provide you with a written report that covers the structural components of your home, mechanical/electrical components, crawl space and attic space review, foundation review, water penetration review, roof will be evaluated for areas of wear as well as a general evaluation of surface areas that may need attention. 

During this evaluation, repairs such as caulking, door adjustments, elimination of earth to wood contact, and ensure full coverage of vapor barrier.  Additionally, you will receive up to 1 hour of labor to complete a project of your choice.

Discounts  and Additional Fees/Charges
*5% Senior Citizens Discount   
*5% Multi-Package Discount
*Prices may vary on homes larger than 3900 sq.ft.

Bi-Annual Visit Package - $599
This evaluation includes all of the services that are offered in the Annual Visit package as well as an additional hour of labor (total of 2 hours).

The second visit to your home includes gutters and downspouts cleaning, your roof will be treated for moss and your driveway and sidewalks will be pressure washed.

Quarterly Visit Package - $999
This evaluation includes all of the services that are offered in the Bi-Annual Visit package as well as two additional hours of labor (total of 4 hours).  

Throughout the four visits, your exterior windows will be cleaned, water heater will be drained as recommended by the manufacturers guidelines, your furnace will be cleaned, and your home will be winterized and de-winterized.


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